Click to viewHere are the top three rigs in the Best Computer Rig Contest. The winner: Steve Larson for his Nebuchadnezzar-like overloaded cockpit. Jump to see the three mega-galleries, which show just how cool the winning rigs are. After seeing all the details, my personal winner is Dlinc. His rig, with Transformers-style, fully-articulated rotatable monitors and keyboards, is absolutely stunning and the most useful of them all.

First place, with 44.6% of the votes, is for Steven Larson's overloaded hacker look, which seems taken straight from a set of The Matrix's Nebuchadnezzar. Steve is a graphic designer, video editor and compositor. The rig has a Mac Pro as the main computer, a PowerMac G5 for rendering and burning DVDs, a PowerMac G4 for iTunes, a PC on the side along with a pro mic and audio mixer "and many many TVs," for some reason. The room is part of his apartment.

Second position goes to m2j2. Using a biomorph desk with a Mac Pro on the right side (2TB storage and 8GB of RAM), and a Powermac G5 on the left (800GB storage and 4GB of RAM). The monitors are one 30" Apple Cinema Display in the center, and two 23" Apple Cinema Display on the sides, 5.1 Speaker system with titanium casing, Snowball microphone, iSight, Ambient Orb to track visitors to his website, and a Panasonic wireless LED light clock under the 30" ACD.

Third position goes to Dlinc, the guy who started this all by sending us a photo of his rig with his LEGO Ultimate Collectors Millennium Falcon unboxing. His computer rig is my personal favorite because it really seems to be designed to work comfortably in photo editing. As you can see, each component is fully articulated, from the central 30" Apple Cinema Display to the keyboards and an always-stunning Wacom Cintiq.