$35 Gadget Streams Video From iPad to TV Using AirPlay

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The Raspberry Pi project is trying to offer you a thumb-drive sized PC for $35, which is amazing. Only, it just got more amazing, because it can use AirPlay to stream video from your iPad to your TV.

In the video, one of the Raspberry Pi developers hooks the mini computer up to an HDMI connected TV, then runs a specially written AirPlay app on the Pi. He then starts playing a video on his iPad, chooses to stream it via Airplay and — bang — the little 'puter has it up and streaming to the TV.


Let's remember that this little computer will cost $35. Thirty five freakin' dollars. That is insane.

The great news is that the Raspberry Pi is already in production, the sad news is that we still don't know when it will be shipping. I was excited when I saw one running Quake III. Now I'm incredibly excited. [Raspberry Pi via Netbook News via Engagdet]