Everyone's feet are different, but when you buy a pair of shoes, they come with insoles that are designed to (mostly) fit everyone. Don't your feet deserve better given the impacts they absorb for you all day long? A company called Sols has created a better way with a process where they can design and 3D print a custom fitted orthotic using just a video of your feet.

Pricing and availability haven't been announced just yet, but the service will have users take a ten second video of their non-weight bearing foot which is then used to generate an accurate 3D model. This model is then used to design a custom orthotic insole which is 3D-printed using a flexible, anti-microbial nylon material.


The company will even dye the final product to match the shoe you intend to use it with, and ship it out to you about two weeks after you place your order. The service probably isn't well suited to those dealing with serious foot conditions resulting in pain—you'd want to consult a Pedorthist in person for that—but it could provide a bit more comfort than what Dr. Scholl's offers at your local pharmacy. [Sols via Notcot]