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3D Printing an Entire Chair Is Easy When It's One Big Puzzle

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We've been promised that 3D printers will eventually be able to replicate almost anything we want. But how do you go about creating larger objects when your printer's capacity is no larger than a toaster oven? The same way you can fit a Thomas Kinkade painting into a small cardboard box: You turn it into a puzzle.

Even the smallest of 3D printers are able to print this Makerchair, because it's been deconstructed into 202 smaller puzzle pieces that you individually print and then assemble into the finished chair. It's a time consuming process, but the plans are free to download so all you need to provide is the plastic filament—and lots of it.

The immediate question that pops to mind when seeing the chair fully assembled is "how sturdy could this possibly be?"—because we've all tried unsuccessfully to lift a puzzle before. But with a drop or two of epoxy glue every time you added a new piece, it would probably be more than strong enough to support an adult. But if it turns out you didn't use enough glue, you've already got the capability to re-print any broken parts. [Bits & Parts via Homecrux]