3G Transmissions Cracked, Run For the Hills!

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Just weeks ago, GSM encryption was cracked, but everyone was all like, "No big deal, GSM is old." Now the encryption protecting 128-bit UMTS 3G has been cracked as well.

It's not a practical hack yet, with real time monitoring of 3G calls and data fairly impossible since it takes a computer about 2 hours to decode the encryption. But researchers have admitted that their technique is far from optimized, meaning the process can only get faster.


I dunno about you, but security breaches like this are precisely why I only have phone sex in person. [Cryptology ePrint via ars technica via phoneArena via gsmArena]

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You can always use FPGAs and GPGPUs these days to make these things go much, much faster. Whenever they say any type of decryption takes years when you have the encrypted data sitting there is a liar.

(Yes, I know it says 2 hours. I'm saying that you cache it, run it through a highly optimized FPGA or GPGPU implementation and badaboom!)