4 iPhones + 1 Apple TV = Awesome Split-Screen Multiplayer Gaming

Firemint, the developer behind Real Racing 2 on the iPhone/iPad, has a demo video to show off a neat multi-player trick using the Apple TV and the AirPlay mirroring feature for the iPhone 4S and iPad 2: 4-player split-screen.


It's called Party Play. Essentially, one player hosts a local multiplayer game, and pushes their screen to the Apple TV. Instead of just seeing their screen, everyone's screens pop up. Awesome. [Kotaku]

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lorem ipson

That's a lot of overkill hardware (and overkill price) to get a rig like that set up. I believe the new Wii will have similar capabilities and cost a lot less than the entry price of, okay, everyone get our your smartphone. Fun for a moment, probably, neat, sure..... does it go beyond novelty into practicality, I don't see it.