This desk worker may look like a hero, but this picture, snapped in a telemarketing firm's office, is a tragic portrait of victimhood. May we all learn from his story:

According to Reddit user knobcrik:

[I]n 2005 I was working for a "telemarketing" firm somewhere on the east coast. morale was so bad at the company, management went to great lengths to keep people that actually worked hard. one of the ways they did this was a short lived but highly entertaining award for "Employee of the Month". Said employee was treated to answering calls from a "special" desk with a 42" monitor.


What a nice treat, he must've thought. I needed to stop looking at porn during work hours anyway. Then the reality set in:

[He was] the first and last employee of the month winner. The next months winner could not go more than two days with the XL monitor stating his "retinas were getting burned out by the heat from the screen".


Somewhere, deep in an office complex in Scottsdale, a blind man is weeping. Touch-dialing potential customers from a seemingly endless braille book, his only comfort is to run his fingertips across his Employee of the Month plaque. It is starting to rust. [Reddit]

UPDATE: From reader Deacon Cupcakes, proof that the EXXXTREME SCREEN phenomenon is alive and well: