Yesterday, a photo of Justin Trudeau briefly hesitating before shaking Donald Trump’s hand went viral. So we here at Gizmodo decided to have a little photoshop contest, something we do from time to time. Not everyone was happy about it, of course.

“You are a piece of shit for making these entertaining articles about our president,” one person emailed me. “You are a piece of shit for approving comments on photoshops of president Trump holding shit, a small bronzed penis and many more. I am very specific about the article, you suck and go eat shit.”


I’m not entirely sure what “I am very specific about the article” means, but it’s good to have a healthy debate about the merits of poking fun at our leaders. For the most part, people had a good time riffing on the now infamous photo. There were plenty of references to President Trump’s enormous hands, more than a few nods to Star Wars, and, of course, a healthy dose of bronze genitals.

So without further ado, some of the best entries in our little yuck-em-up contest, beginning with my personal favorite, from the “yuge hands” genre:

by TTotaller

by Lil Miss Canada

by BabylonSlim

by cac

by MidianXX

“Skynet’s Best right here. Bit fingers an’ thumbs on the phone, and the Nuclear Codes, but otherwise, whatcha think ... ? Gonna see if Skynet can get me them in Gold!” by Omegrasoulo

by DrekTek

by Dr Blade Runner M.D.

by JPM

by Olivia Spencer Bradley

by NathanielLight

by JC13

by Spartanwarrior

by FairWitness

“I heard you liked this stuff...” by yellenesque

“People are telling me this is some kind of delicacy up there.” by Duke Thompson

by Yls Novak

The handshake that destroyed the world by fishheadtw

by MurMur000

by MonkeyFlings

by shialadouche

Explain by JT Masters

by ParticleX

by Jeast

by DustinHallPhotography

Blame Canada by Unclefckr

by Dr. Blade Runner M.D.

by Stupor Nova

by Postandfly

by hibyecpp

by CaptainFlapjack

by BrianL

by CromartieMcFly

by Futaba86

“Donald Trump introduces Justin Trudeau to U.S. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan” by JamesWst

by SpeedSkater114

“Trust me Peter...I’ll make Never Land great again. We’re going to build a wall - the best wall - to guard us from unwanted intruders like fake-news, truth, and reason. Never Land will start winning again! Fantasy, fiction, and alt-facts won’t have to hide anymore - we’ll proudly display them in plain sight!” by McRiburglar

“Can I offer you a refreshment? My favorite, White Powerade.” by VanW

by AndyD

“These things are the best. I’m a yuuuuge fan. I eat like 10 bags a day. Do you think anyone can tell?” by Reckless1966

by FakeKnews

by AmazingMao

by JonPotato

by WakeBakeLake