4G WiMax for New York, San Francisco and LA Switched On From Nov 1

November 1st for New York, December 1st for Los Angeles and San Francisco in "late December." That's the promise from Clearwire, Comcast and Sprint in regards to the big switching-on of their 4G WiMax services—Clearwire in the case of CLEAR, Comcast with XFINITY Internet 2go, and Sprint for Sprint 4G. [Clearwire]



We've had it in my area for a couple months now and I finally decided to give it a go via the kiosk at the mall near my house last Saturday. I was semi-impressed.

They had a demo machine and they let me do a speed test via speedtest.net. Got about 8 Mb down and 1.5 Mb up. 120 ms ping time from Utah (where I was) to Virginia. They claimed that there is no bandwidth limit and no "ceiling" where they throttle you either. I was mildly impressed. If I didn't already have home Internet that I'm semi-happy with and an iPhone I might think about getting it.