5 TV Crossovers We'd Love To See

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Wouldn't you want to see the Dollhouse being investigated by the cast of Fringe? Or watch Heroes try to avert Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' future? We have five team-ups to save television's falling ratings.


If "a secret organization that replaces people's personalities with programmable selves, who're then hired out to the rich and aimless" doesn't sound like something that Agent Dunham and the Bishop Boys should be investigating, then I don't know what does. I mean, for all we know, the basic technology that Topher is using today probably came from Walter's strangely-broad research back in the day, and Massive Dynamics may be paying Adelle DeWitt's salary. If Dollhouse does get cancelled, I'd be all in favor of Fox sneaking in a few mentions of the show into their hit Fringe, especially if Whedon brother (and Fringe staffer) Zack was involved.

Heroes/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
So much of the NBC series has been based upon averting horrific futures that you'd think that Hiro, Matt and Peter would be completely on board with Sarah Connor's mission, but that thematic continuity isn't why we'd want to see Heroes invade the Terminatorverse, nor are we particularly amused by the possibilities of Claire meeting John and telling him that he looks a lot like her friend Zach who she knew when she was first discovering her powers (Okay, maybe we're slightly amused by that possibility, we admit). No, we simply want to see two things. One, a glower-off between HRG and Summer Glau, and two, Nathan hitting on Sarah by comparing bad parenting stories. Okay, and maybe Ando getting killed by a Terminator, just for fun.

Star Trek/Battlestar Galactica
Yeah, yeah, yeah; Captain Kirk is such a bad-ass and can get out of any situation, but how would he measure up to Edward James Olmos' Admiral William Adama? Just the idea of the meeting of the two ships already feels like a Trek episode, where the perfect Enterprise crew has to deal with a battle-scarred older ship where grudges are held and wars never end... but if you told it from the Galactica's point of view, it'd be more compelling... and probably reveal previously-unseen traumas amongst Starfleet's finest. If nothing else, it'd probably give me a Scotty/Tigh drinking game.

KyleXY/Caprica/Battlestar Galactica
Okay, this one may seem like a stretch, but go with me here. ABC Family's just-canceled Kyle featured a synthetic teen trying to come to grips with his true nature and abilities, and one of the threads in Caprica will follow the creation of AI robots modeled after the dead children of their creators, and pushes the questions of identity and nature. We're suggesting that Kyle gets a reprieve and it's revealed that he's a descendant of the original Caprica AIs and has a secret mission to prevent a repeat of BSG's robot apocalypse. Think that'd fly on the ABC Family channel? Maybe not.

Chuck/Knight Rider/Bionic Woman/My Own Worst Enemy
This one is a no brainer; too many of NBC's failed genre shows recently have featured the same "And then our hero joins some unexplained anti-terrorist organization and has adventures" set-up. We're just saying that Chuck Bartowski - from the one spy show that seems to have a future on the network - finds out that Bionic's Berkut Group, Knight Rider's Knight Industries and even Worst Enemy's version of the US Government are all various fronts for Fulcrum, conning good people into doing bad things without knowing it. If nothing else, it'll allow for a guest star extravaganza, and also tie up some loose ends from the canceled shows. Plus, it'd raise the possibility of seeing Christian Slater get punched by Adam Baldwin, and who wouldn't want to see that?