This is the NeXTcube, from 1990, and it was the First Web Server. After jumping many bureaucratic hoops, Tim Berners Lee was able to purchase one, and 3 months later, the consumer-accessible Web was born. [Oobject]

Also from 1990: the Dycam Model I. This is the first commercial digital camera, also known as the Logitech Fotoman. Either the Fuji DS-1P or the Sony MAVIKA were actually the first digital camera, but neither were ever sold to consumers[Oobject]

And here we have the Sony CDP-101, from 1982. Even the alphabet soupy name screams "first CD player."[Oobject]

In 1998, the world got its first mp3 player, the Saehan/Eiger Labs F10/F20. [Oobject]

The Sony TPS-L2 was first Walkman. [Oobject]

In 1970, the first digital watch, the Pulsar, debuted. [Oobject]

The first VCR, The Telcan. The year... 1963. [Oobject]

The first transistor radio, which debuted back in 1954, was the Regency TR1. [Oobject]

If you wanted a smartphone back in 1993, this was what you got: the IBM Simon. [Oobject]

ANITA was the first electronic calculator, debuting back in 1961. [Oobject]

Check out the portable computer of 1975: the Ibm5100. [Oobject]

The Motorola DynaTAC 8000X, the first cellphone. [Oobject]