Tomorrow Tim Cook will be talking iPhone and perhaps something else. Here's a list of all the things you can expect:

100% chance

• iOS 5: Prepare your iPhones, because the final iOS 5 is coming for sure... but perhaps not yet. Most probably it will not be available for download tomorrow—the latest beta was not a very good one and there's no sign of the golden master anywhere. Still, if there's no download, there will be a release date and a full tour of the complete operating system, including its new killer feature: Assistant.


The new iOS 5 comes with a lot of new features—these are the top ten—but Assistant is the one that nobody has experienced yet. Assistant is based on Siri, a technology that Apple bought for a couple hundred million dollars. The rumor is that it will require the new and more powerful iPhone's A5 processor to work correctly, as well as a connection to the Internet. This is because Assistant is not just voice recognition, but artificial intelligence assisted by servers in the cloud. Expect a deranged Scott Forstall to be extremely excited about this tomorrow.

If you want to see a video mockup on who Assistant may work, check this video out.


• iPhone 4S: We know this is real because we got the exclusive info. The rumor is that it is a cheaper version of the iPhone. I think this is the new iPhone, period. It has appeared in the latest iTunes beta and has also been leaked on Germany Vodafone's site. An updated iPhone 4 with new A5 processor and more RAM, maybe a better camera, but with the same design. Just like the iPhone 3GS was a faster update to the iPhone 3G.


If you want to use the new Assistant, the rumor is that you will need the iPhone 4S' A5 processor. The question is: would people think the increased speed and Assistant is worth the upgrade?

50% chance

• New iPod touch: The event invitation says "Let's talk iPhone." That clearly sets the tone and perhaps it's an indication that they will only talk about iPhones. However, traditionally they have also made announcements about iPods during the iPhone events, so they may mention the new models for the holiday season. Or perhaps they will just pass on these completely, just like they usually do when new Macbooks or iMacs appear on the Apple Store without any fanfare.


• Click-wheel iPod is dead: If they talk about iPod, then they most probably will announce the death of all the non-iOS 5 iPods except the touchscreen iPod nano. In a one slide, farewell, you served us well, NEXT! kind of way.

10% chance

• iPhone 5: Don't hold your breath for this one. Despite all the Chinese cases and all the rumors, there's not a single tangible evidence of the iPhone 5. None of the iPhones—or any other Apple product in history, for that matter—has reached the day before its announcement without a leak in the supply chain. Our bet is that the iPhone 4S is the next iPhone.


1% chance

• One more thing may be Steve Jobs himself. Some people think he will appear and say hi. I strongly doubt it.

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