When we told you yesterday that America was gonna give that derelict tsunami boat a nautical spanking, it was no joke: here's photographic proof of the brutal attack on the poor, unarmed shrimping vessel. Kaboom. The seas are safe again.

The ghost attack was almost halted when a Canadian company said they'd haul the thing off and try to salvage it, but after claiming it was too much of a hassle, the Yanks went ahead and shelled 'er to high hell. Judging by the roaring flames and dozens of enormous shell holes from the 25mm cannon, I think the Coast Guard's operation was a success. And indeed, they say it was:

The Japanese fishing vessel, Ryou-Un Maru, [showed] significant signs of damage after the Coast Guard Cutter Anancapa fired explosive ammunition into it 180 miles west of the Southeast Alaskan coast April 5, 2012. The derelict fishing vessel sank at 6:15 p.m.


Glug glug glug. God, that must have been a lot of fun. Like, the best day of work of all time. How badly do you think the crew of the Anancapa stared at that cannon, longingly, every day, just hoping they'd be able to let 'er rip with round after round of explosive ammo? With an urgency that'd make Neptune quiver, I reckon. The onslaught was ""a great way for [the crew] to put their skills to use," Coast Guard spokesman Kip Wadlow tells MSNBC, almost certainly with a huge grin and awesome sunglasses on.


Thus ends the saga of the Ryou-Un Maru, which roughly means "Fishing Luck" in Japanese. Not quite. [US Coast Guard]