America: We Gon' Blow Up That Japanese Tsunami Ghost Ship!

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Japanese problem: an abandoned shrimping boat is found adrift near Canada, displaced by last year's tsunami disaster. American solution: let's sink that motherfucker.


The BBC reports our Coast Guard is currently following the empty Ryou-Un Maru—which has clearly seen better days, and is only one large chunk in an enormous stream of storm-washed crap emptied out into the sea. Apparently the floating rust monument is "a danger to other ships," and will be terminated with extreme prejudice:

The gunnery ship will use a 25mm cannon on board the Anacapa to scuttle the ghost ship, Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer Kip Wadlow told the BBC.


Sayonara, Ryou-Un Maru! You thought you could just mosey on up to Canada for a little post-tsunami retirement, but we are about to scuttle you hard. Forget giving you back your owner—your owner doesn't even want you back! And forget the fact that you're carrying 2,113 gallons of diesel fuel that'll just spill into the ocean—that's nothing. See you in boat hell. [BBC]

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I'm pro military weapons, not to kill people mind you, but to blow up dirt and spare buildings and old tanks and what have you. So I am a little disappointed to here they are only using a 25mm cannon for this. What about some kind of robot mine laying device that needs testing? Or that cool unmanned UCAV helicopter you're always prattling on about Mr. Navy? or maybe just a good old fashioned Mark 48, or something older with a little flair...get creative with that stockpile bunch of wet blankets.