The summer heat is here, and with it comes a an arsenal of new gear that'll help you enjoy your summer adventures. Here are toys that take photos on the trail, keep your bike safe, and produce perfect ice cubes for your back patio drink.

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The Best Tablet Under $200

The Google Nexus 7 tablet is small, fast, smooth, portable, and inexpensive. At $200 there is pretty much no reason to buy a Kindle Fire at all. More »

The Best Laptop

The 2012 MacBook Airs are a supercharged update on last year's lovely SSD Bestmodo. They pack Intel Ivy Bridge processors at up to 2.0GHz, up to 8GB of RAM, and USB 3.0 for faster-than-ever connectivity. More »

The Best Power/Pro Laptop

The new top MacBook Pros pack 2800 x 1800 resolution retina displays while weighing just 4.5 pounds. They're powered by a minimum quad-core, 2.3GHz Ivy Bridge processors, not to mention Nvidia's Kepler GeForce GT graphics for gaming. SSD finally comes standard to the MBP line with 256GB flash storage that's upgradable to up to 768GB. Get your wallets ready because this thing's a powerhouse. More »

The Best Router

The Apple AirPort Express (2012) is pretty, fast, wonderfully simple, and appropriately capable. Unless you're a mega-power networker with a need for intricate customization, or are put off by the less sophisticated Windows version of AirPort Utility, the 2012 Express is the ultimate buy it and never think about it again object—and for a router, that's the ultimate praise. More »

The Best Huge TV

The Panasonic VT50 delivers unrivaled picture quality. Incredibly deep blacks stand up in bright rooms. The 96mHz refresh rate handles 1080P with minimal fast-motion blur and enough clarity to count the whiskers on Baumgarner's face in the post-game interview. More »

The Best Bike Lock

Despite its fat locking mechanism, the OnGuard Pitbull STD is a breeze to use. The lock clicks into a sturdy, secure mounting bracket that doesn't bounce around while you're riding. Hand tolls like hacksaws and bolt cutters won't do any damage to the lock, and even when we attacked it with an angle grinder it held up for a full two minutes. More »

The Best Rugged, Waterproof Camera

In our tests, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS4 took the clearest, most vivid outdoor and underwater stills. It generally found very nice balance in light levels its competitors would blow out, and it really makes colors pop (especially greens). Panoramic shots are excellent, at up to 360 degrees. It's generally able to attain focus faster than the others, and it's the fastest and cleanest at nighttime shooting with a flash. And it feels rock solid. If you hit someone on this head with this thing, it would hurt. A lot. More »

The Best Ice Cube Tray

No surprise here: OXO dominates kitchenware, and now it'll own your freezer. The OXO Good Grips tray doesn't have any fancy iron lever or pinch tabs—just an extremely sturdy plastic body and a cover that slides with ease. Really, do you want to have to think about the ice cube tray more than you think about the drink the ice is going into? OXO gets that, and our Bestmodo nod in turn. More »

The Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Braven 625s is cheaper than the Jambox for basically identical sound quality, with better connectivity and battery life. Braven makes a less expensive, bare aluminum model 600-go for the 625s, but the rugged casing is worth it. More»


The Best Laptop

Roll over 2011 MacBook Air. Make room for this year's juiced-up-model.

The Best Power/Pro Laptop

Say goodbye to last year's MacBook Pro. Say hello, to this year's MacBook Pro with retina display, Ivy Bridge CPU, and SSD.

The Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker:

The Jawbone Jambox isn't the awesomest cheap little speaker on the block anymore.