6-cell Acer Aspire One Battery Spotted, Priced

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Last weekend we wrote about MSI's now available 6-cell battery laptop, the Wind, so it seems only fitting that one week later we bring news of Acer's new Aspire One battery (also 6-cell). The battery is not available just yet, but a forum member at Liliputing found a picture and a price: $120. As Liliputing notes, that's almost 1/3 as much as the computer's $380 price tag. Pretty steep for more battery life on a super cheap laptop, but we're with Lilliputing in hoping Acer offers a future version of the Aspire One that comes bundled with the 6-cell, for a more reasonable price. [Liliputing]


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Extended batteries are a common upsell for many items. I just got a nice Sony camcorder but of course the stock battery stinks, and the extended one is $100 and lasts 3-4 times longer. The strategy is to get you in cheap, then when you're invested sell the expensive accessories.