6 Hyperactive Hyperlapses

Hyperlapse is the best invention in photography since the Walden filter. And here are 6 videos, filmed by you, that prove it.


Winner: Fast Fireworks

I actually use Hyperlapse for timelapses quite a bit. I have an old iPhone 5 in a Lifeproof that’s basically made it an extra GoPro, sans fish eye.

On Friday night a fellow shooter and I were originally going to go into the Rocky Mountains, and set up on the Continental Divide. However, due to cloud cover and thunderstorms we stayed closer to the city. The entire Denver metro area had an amazing lightning show as we were traveling, and I was disappointed I didn’t capture any of it on any medium I had with me. Some of the most beautiful strikes I’ve ever seen.

We decided to walk down to this spot under a bridge for the I-25 that required quite the leg strength training to get up and across the retaining wall. Seriously, my friends and my quads days later are still angry when you attempt to go down a set of stairs. While headed there we were reminded the Rockies/Coors Field Fireworks show was about to start; their show was not on the 4th due to the Rockies being out of town. We got there and were spotted by other urban, and night explorers, one was nice enough to come up and say ‘hi’ as he is a fellow shooter. He was having a more leisurely Colorado night (not shooting) than us, and was much less worried about the hundred foot fall if you lost your footing. We had enough time to set up equipment, recover, check settings, and chat with our new friend. This was shot with the aforementioned iPhone 5, a tripod, and a vice grip. Took some stills on a NEX-7, and some regular video on a iPhone 6 Plus. Thankfully there is a bit of cover that the passing showers didn’t soak us. There was lighting about 120° to the north of the field of view, but the best capture was of the manmade show at Coors Field. Good little adventure, great leg workout, some beautiful shoots/footage, a solid night.

PS: Fun little extra story, as we were breaking down preparing for our climb back down and across (under) the freeway; another unidentified Denver night explorer had setup, unknown to us, a fireworks mortar below, and just a few feet forward. No warning, no checking (I’m sure they too were having a leisurely Colorado night) and ‘BOOM’, our hearts skip a beat, the dB and echo was overwhelming being surrounded by concrete. Another ‘BOOM’ as the aerial does it’s thing 30 some feet over our heads. The explorer was startled by our gasps of shock. It was a good laugh later, but the night could have done without it.


Christopher Bates

Ticker Tape


I went down to the ticker tape parade of Friday to shoot some photos with my a7, and with the Shooting Challenge in mind, shot a quick Hyperlapse as the trophy passed where I was. Used an iPhone 6, 8x speed setting. Wished I could have caught more ticker tape in the air, but the sky was washing out as I pointed the phone north at the end.

Wayne Laakko

Riding Line


It was a great day at BSR Cable Park. I haven’t been riding for a while, so I spent most of the time struggling to hold on. But when I was spent, other riders made for great hyperlapse content.

Peter Leininger

So Clean


I haven’t used Hyperlapse too much since it’s release. When you announced this week’s challenge, I decided to refamiliarize myself with the app by shooting our cat, Mooshu. I caught her cleaning her paws and was able to edit it down so it looks very close to a seamless loop. It came out well enough that I thought I’d submit it. Plus, cats are the backbone of the internet (and my Instagram account), so here you go.

Gabe Loewenberg



A tour around our back yard with my two year old and his snack trap.

Brian McCabe

360 Flyby


My first contest submission!! I always miss the deadline but I guess I’m ok for this one...

I was quite happy to see the new Mazda MX-5 Miata in the flesh! (although this was about 6mi from Mazda’s HQ in Irvine, CA) I pulled into a Thai restaurant for lunch and saw this puppy parked outside. I thought I could use it for the contest and shot this hyperlapse as a walkaround.


Darshan Meda

Yeah, for whatever reason, the gimmick just hasn’t gotten old for me yet. Does that mean Hyperlapse is here to stay? Sound off in the comments!




i’m having a bit of a hard time distinguishing between hyperlapses and sped-up video, especially the ticker tape one.