What happens when the United States is closed? We asked you to show us—to capture both areas shut down by the government and just random things you found abandoned, rusted, and closed. And from here, the US looks like a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

WINNER: The National Parks Are Closed


So honestly, this is a pretty crappy picture, but we found it pretty amusing. We were doing a tour of Philadelphia and were going through Independence Mall and found that everything was shut down because of the Government Shutdown. I took a picture of the sign by itself at the Liberty Bell and the guard saw me and asked if he could pose for a pic. The guards have to stand watch and make sure no one sneaks into the closed monuments without pay. This is what he did. Guardians of the Liberty Bell Pentax K100D, 1/90s f/9.5, 33 mm 3200 iso

- Chris Thai

The Veteran's Memorial Is Closed


I happen to be in D.C.area visiting a friend for his now ironic graduation from the NSA but due to the government shutdown his ceremony was cancelled. So to celebrate the occasion we hit the district for some old fashioned cold beers. Afterwards we walked around for some sightseeing and came across this signage in front of the WWII Veteran's Memorial with the Lincoln Memorial in the background as the sun was setting. Despite the obvious Site is Closed and do not enter signage, people still managed to sneak in for a few photo ops. Thought it was fitting and perfect for the Gizmodo contest. Sadly, this was a common sight throughout D.C. The shot was taken during "magic hour" using my Samsung Galaxy S4 device at 3264x1836 resolution with ISO set at Auto and shot in using built-in HDR mode, cleaned up and edited using Aviary android app.

- Humberto Salgado

The Liberty Bell Is Closed


So this photo was taken at the Liberty Bell. All around the building were armed security guards who would not say a word to anyone. It had the feel of a movie like V for Vendetta. There was still a line to have pictures taken with the bell though a window. These signs were all over Philadelphia. This was shot with a Nikon D2x with and 18mm-55mm lens. F/18 at 1/160sec 500iso

- Jack Gebhardt

The Swing Set Is Rusty (But Technically Open)


Nikon D7000 Using Sigma 17-70mm F2.8-4.0 17.0mm f2.8 @ 1/1600 ISO 100 I came to this park to shoot the nearby pool, but I couldn't quite get the shot I wanted without breaking padlocks. I took notice of all the playground equipment that was rotting away from poor maintenance and disuse and figured I could do something there instead. I tried first with the merry-go-round and got some good shots, but something was missing. I went to the swings and took a couple test shots. The alignment of the swings with their offset shadows made for some good composition. I wanted to do a little more so I gave one of the swings a push and fired away. This is my favorite shot from the outing. There is something a little disconcerting about seeing an empty swing in motion on a rusty old swingset.

- Thomas Nourse

The Tuk Tuk Is Closed (Though Not The Thailand Government's Fault)


A rusting and abandoned Tuk Tuk sits forlornly by the side of a road. The distinctive shape of the front is unique to Ayutthaya in Thailand. To be honest I cannot find any way of blaming any Government for this. Shooting done on a very hot humid overcast day with the threat of flooding from the nearby river imminent. I did a little cropping and raised the saturation level a bit to bring out some of the colour otherwise it is untouched. Taken on my new Nikon Coolpix S6600 bought as a cheap replacement for a camera which had a swim in a different flood and didn't like it. f/3.3, 1/640 second, ISO-125

- Nick Smith

Work Is Closed (But It's Just The Weekend)


I opted used a floor from my company that is in the process of being abandoned as it will be no longer be needed. So the picture you see here is what an office space looks like while it's in flux, between a state of operation and a state of complete shutdown wherein all the furniture has been torn down. I would have loved to fast forward a few weeks and gotten a shot with wires and cables of all sorts strewn across the office floor and with electrical cables hanging down from the ceiling, but alas, that is not the picture I would be able to take this particular weekend. As I got onto the floor and surveyed which area I would want to take the shot from, I opted to keep the lights attached to the main light switch by the floor entrance on. I walked to the end of the floor and lined up a shot that would show the entire length of one side of the office. I wanted to be in a sport where there was very little light in the foreground and let the light from the hall illuminate the far background of the office. It took a few locations to get a perspective I really liked, and the end result is what you have before you. This was shot on my Canon t4i using my 18-55mm lens (focused around 23mm) and using an f-stop of 3.5, a shutter speed of 1/100 and ISO of 800.

- Long Hong

Wow, I think that shot of a (national parks employee?) flipping the bird as an extra fuck you cherry on top of the closed sign is amongst my favorite Shooting Challenge images ever. And whenever plan the government agrees on, well I hope it includes a raise for that patriot. The bird is above and beyond, especially during a furlough.