6 Shadows That Are Actually Perfectly Nice Guys

Shadows are the darkest sides of ourselves aired for the world to see. They’re also a really fun way to make puppets! Here are your entries from this week’s Shadow Shooting Challenge.

Winner: Shadow Clones


Attached is a photo from the stairwell hall of a pizza place in Pittsburgh. The lights were out and I was using my phone’s flashlight to find my way out. I noticed the shadows of myself cast on the walls and thought it was interesting enough to snap a photo. I’m probably wrong.

Louis DeVito

Venice BBall

Los Angeles, Venice Beach sunset. Canon 5dmark3, 35mm lens.

Ludwig Favre

Like Chalk Like Shadow


This amazing picture was taken in Tel Aviv. I came with my son from the sea, walked on the sidewalk. Our shadow suddenly looks just like the drawing on the sidewalk. I pulled out my iPhone 5s and took this photo.

Alon Timlaker

Waiting for the Train


Taken while waiting for the Red Line train to DC, the low angle of the sun makes for nice contrast on the shadows.

Mark Faulkner

Waikiki Sunset


Totally forgot my Sony RX100, but this spectacular shot of the Waikiki sunset with shadows of surfers, boats, and SUPer’s couldn’t be missed. We spent an afternoon spending our time sipping beers, eating pupus and enjoying swims at our local Elks club here in Waikiki. It was a beautiful sunny day with waves only caught in movies. I saw that the sun was going down and remembered this challenge. Kind of a stretch when it comes to shadows, but you can see shadows of people in the ocean if you look really closely. Aloha all! Shot with my iPhone 5S.

Morgan Cuz



I took this picture while I was at Linsey Stirling’s Concert this week at Summerfest in Milwaukee. It was one of the few shots I took during the show and it was shot on my 2013 Moto X and edited on my phone with Fotor. It was also ironically shot during her song Shadow.

Connor Dobbins

Alright, people. If you’re lurking on this thread, I want to see some participation. Spoiler: Next week will be fireworks for the 4th. So don’t blow anything up without photographing it!


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