​8 Ways X-Men Movie Continuity Is Still Irretrievably Fucked

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[Spoilers for X-Men: DOFP ahead!] The excellent X-Men: Days of Future Past fixed a ton of X-Men movie continuity issues, chief among them erasing the entirety of X3: The Last Stand. But not every issue has been fixed. Here are the problems the new X-Men movie-verse still has, now and probably forever.

1) Professor X

X-Men: Days of Future Past seems pretty clearly set after the original X-Men trilogy — the mutants that survived X3 are still alive, and the mutants died are still dead… with one notable exception. Professor X was killed in X3, and yet he's perfectly fine in the future of Days of Future Past, as well as in his cameo in The Wolverine. No explanation is given. And on a lesser note, where were Trask's Sentinels when Magneto was raising hell in the first and third X-Men movies?


2) Emma Frost

In the '60s set First Class, Sebastian Shaw's second-in-command is the pro-lingerie Emma Frost, who can turn into diamond (and acts almost as well as one, but whatever). In Days of Future Past, Emma appears to have been killed in Trask's experiments. Yet at the end of Wolverine, set in 1985, we clearly see a young girl who can turn into diamond at the mutant prison facility. Is she a relative of Emma's? Another girl with the same mutation? Well, the cast lists for both movies name both girls Emma Frost, so unless '80s Emma went back in time and grew up to be January Jones in the '60s, this is a problem.


3) The Summers Brothers

In First Class, Xavier and Magneto recruit Alex Summers, a.k.a. Havok, a.k.a. Scott Summers' brother. Since Cyclops is a main part of Professor X's 2000 team, that means Scott's older brother is about 40 years older than he is, which is kind of unlikely. Except when Professor X uses Cerebro in First Class in the '60s, he sees a kid who is pretty clearly Cyclops — and he definitely sees a young Storm, too. Which means both Cyclops and Storm should be about 50 when X-Men starts in 2000. They aren't. In fact, in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Cyclops is shown to be a teen in the '80s, which means he's apparently been a teenager for about 20 or so years.


4) Mystique

In First Class and Days of Future Past, Charles Xavier and Raven Darkholme are frenemies who grew up besties together. Even assuming Mystique uses her powers to not visibly age in the 2000 X-Men movie, and that at some point she's forgiven Magneto for trying to kill her in Days of Future Past — both of which are pretty reasonable, actually — this doesn't explain why Professor X and Mystique appear to have no relationship whatsoever in the original X-trilogy. Maybe they were giving each other the silent treatment?


5) Sabretooth

When Wolverine meets Professor X and Sabretooth in X-Men, he doesn't know them. Of course, met Xavier — very briefly — in the '60s, and spent most of the 20th century with his half-brother Victor Creed. Of course, Logan has the excuse that someone shot a magic amnesia bullet into his brain, which, it should be noted, is a plot device so stupid even the X-Men comics never used it. Even if we assume Professor X is playing it cool when Logan finally joins his team 40 years later, what the hell is Sabretooth's excuse for not recognizing his half-brother in X-Men?


6) Moira MacTaggart

In 2006's The Last Stand, Moira MacTaggart is a 38-year-old Scottish doctor researching the mutant gene. In the '60s-set First Class, Moira MacTaggart is a 32-year-old American CIA agent who has no problem infiltrating dangerous places in her underpants. SPOT THE DIFFERENCE. Unless Days of Future Past somehow prevented the second Moira from being born, there's a major problem here.


7) Magneto

This isn't the most glaring of continuity errors, but in Days of Future Past, Professor X and Magneto both agree that Wolverine is going to need both of their younger selves to stop Mystique from killing Trask. And yet young Magneto is basically the exact opposite of helpful, very nearly terrifying humanity into wanting to kill all mutants on his own. Did Old Magneto forget what an insane asshole he was back in the '70s? Because Wolverine could have wrapped up his job in a day or two if he simply hadn't bothered to break Magneto out of his jail.


8) Miscellaneous

In X-Men, Xavier says that Magneto helped him build Cerebro, but in First Class Beast had it built before Professor X ever got there. Xavier also says Magneto made his helmet through his work with Cerebro, but in First Class he just stole it off Kevin Bacon. In X-Men Xavier says he met Magneto when he was 17; in First Class they're like 30. And why did Xavier say Cyclops, Jean Grey and Storm were his first students in X-Men when clearly he was teaching for at least a decade before he met them? All these things happened before Wolverine's consciousness was sent back in time, so they can't have been affected,


Weapon X: A Continuity Error Waiting to Happen?

At the end of Days of Future Past, it's heavily hinted that Wolverine is going to avoid the Weapon X program that gave him his adamantium skeleton and resulted in him getting shot with the aforementioned magic amnesia bullet. So does the Wolverine who returns to a happy future at the end of DoFP have his memory back? Does he have bone claws? Or does Wolverine still manage to be convinced to join the Weapon X program at some point in the '80s? And if so, will we see it in X-Men: Apocalypse? While a Wolverine without Weapon X in his life sounds really bizarre, it would be worth it to erase the wretchedness of what X-Men Origins: Wolverine called "Deadpool."


A version of this article previously appeared on December 6th, 2012.