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News flash, guys: a 32-inch Digital Photo Frame is actually a really crappy HDTV with all the tuners and inputs pulled out of it. It is not a photo frame. Selling it as such is a way to use the products weaknesses as its selling point and to remove money from the wallets of the rich and stupid. Seriously, this thing costs more than many fully-functional HDTVs of the same size. Urge to kill… rising…


Yes, this OptiPix SP3200 32-inch HD "Digital Photo Frame" will set you back $840, which is more than many 32-inch HDTVs from brands such as Sony, Samsung, Sharp and Toshiba. And you can even watch video on it, albeit only when its loaded on from an SD card, making it the most tedious and annoying TV ever. But guys, it has a frame around it! A frame!

But hey, your grandparents like these things, right? Isn't that how you justify their existence? This is just the logical extreme of the complete ludicrousness of this entire genre of products. If you buy one of these things, you deserve to have your credit cards taken away from you for your own good. [Product Page via TFTS]

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