8AM Desk Lamp, Held Up As If By Magic

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This desk lamp, called 8AM by its designers, clamps onto your desk, and it looks like its bulb is magically held up by a wire. There's a regular braided electric wire leading to the clamp on the desk, but then coming out the other side is an electric wire that looks the same but that's reinforced just enough to hold up the light bulb at the other end.


To control it, you just touch the aluminum clamp and the light fades up or down. It's a design concept so far, but we hope by the time it ships the designers will add some sort of shade instead of having just a bare light bulb up top.

A fresh approach to bringing light to our lives [idealist]



i think this is FUGLY too... that is if by fugly you mean F*$CKING AWESOME.

i actually saw this piece in milan a few weeks back and i wanted one as soon as i saw it. i was so happy to see the process work posted over on idealist. the sketches were super hot. they just go to show how much hard work is put into designing something so amazing.

I really love how the light is so delicately suspended over the head of the user... it is so metaphorically beautiful. Its like having a real light bulb over your head for when you have a good idea.

I heard on this other blog that IKEA was going to produce this bad boy. I wonder when I'll be able to own one and turn it on everytime i have a good idea.

keep up the good work... can i have a job?