8GB Flash Drive Transcends Ludicrous and Surpasses Incredulous

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The saturation level of USB flash drives on the market surpassed "ludicrous" ten entries ago, and is fast approaching "incredulous" with a charmingly enthusiastic but ultimately pointless tenacity — like a 3-legged dog chasing a carrot on a stick attached to it s forehead.

BUT, this isn t just another flash drive, as storage media company Transcend have announced their holy-crap-is-that-8GB? flash drive as the new top end product in the Jetflash series. The product page gives very little away, but I assume we can expect a size slightly bigger than the 4GB version (88mm x 33mm x 15mm). How much? How MUCH?? , I hear you cry with mouths afroth from the thought of being able to store a universe of pr0nz in the palm of your hand — well this bad boy has a provisional retail price of 89,800 yen (approx. US$770). Hmm. Well, I guess being able to carry a small cul-de-sac of pr0nz on my iPod shuffle is good enough for now.


8GB Jetflash 2A [Product Page]

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