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8GB iPhone 3GS Rumor Refuses to Die (Because It Might Actually Be True)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When we asked Rogers about the 8GB iPhone 3GS semi-featured on their website, they said this: "There is no 8GB 3GS iPhone." Case closed! Except this rumor is back, with evidence. Someone at Rogers is either confused, lying, or both.


The latest piece of info allegedly comes from a Rogers employee, who snapped us a shot of their Hardware Upgrade Sales Flow system, shown above. Here's what he had to say about it:

It clearly shows that an 8GB 3GS has been added to our stock list and is the same price as the 3G coming in at 99$...

The first listing is showing 74.00$ (promo price with data plan and minus customers 25$ discount)

The second listing shows the phone if the customer does not choose a data plan, which is normall 299$ minus said $25 discount, so 274$

I think that when 3G stock runs out they are going to build 99$ 3GSs since those are the parts they are ordering, might as well keep the parts list minimal...


This is the second such internal reference to a 8GB 3GS to come from Rogers in as many weeks, not to mention their recent website fiasco, where an 8GB 3GS was listed in a feature comparison chart, then deleted as "a mistake."

Here's what's especially weird: When a company gets caught out like this, they usually have two main options. Either they just admit that the leak is true, or they issue a giveaway non-denial, which effectively accomplishes the same thing. Of course, there's the third, last-ditch option, which is to just straight lie. Rogers' denial was flat and unequivocal, but it's totally within the realm of possibility that, if the alternative is blowing a big announcement for the notoriously vindictive Apple, a company might be willing to say just about anything.

So is this really happening? None of these leaks stand alone as totally convincing, but three unconnected reports? That's a little too much to ignore, even for a skeptic. UPDATE: And this, from commenter Strang:

Being a former Rogers employee I can say that this is enough evidence to say that 8GB 3GS is coming for sure. Sales Central is the interal website that all staff use and it's never been wrong. Hardware actually pop up on the site all the time and they have all materialized. It used to be a natural hint when we see something we don't recognize on it and know that it is new hardware that will be shipping soon.


What the hell, why not: Hello, 8GB 3GS! Or to put it another way, RIP, iPhone 3G. You won't be missed. —Thanks, Mr Rogers!