9 Unknowns We Want to See in the Avengers Movie

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Jon Favreau may have spilled the unsurprising beans on who the movie version of Marvel's Avengers consists of, but what does he know? He may not even be making Iron Man 2: This Time, He's Rusty! We here at io9 would rather see a movie that builds around the core franchise heroes with some lesser-known names from the Marvel library. Join us under the jump for our list of (io)9 potential new movie idols.

The Wasp

Why we want to see her in the movies: There's no way that Janet Van Dyne shouldn't be in any Avengers project; one of the founding members of the team in the original comics, she's stuck around during their entire history, even leading the team on occasion. There's more to this society-dame-cum-fashion-designer that just being a lame Ant-Man-wannabe, you know.


Wonder Man

Why we want to see him in the movies: Really, it's just that outfit. Yeah, you could get some pathos out of the story of a man whose attempt to get superpowers placed him in a death-like coma for years, making his brother become his own arch-enemy through misplaced grief, but I just want to see a superhero movie star a guy in a bright red safari jacket. I admit it.



Why we want to see him in the movies: Handsome, cocky, a bit of a ladies man and even more of an asshole, he's Han Solo with a bow and arrow. As an added bonus, if they rush the movie into production, he could spoil similar DC hero Green Arrow's movie debut in Supermax.


Black Widow

Why we want to see her in the movies: The former Russian spy turned superhero didn't lose any of her alluring wiles when she turned to the (American) good side. Pistol-packing and mysterious, she could be the perfect femme fatale role for budding actresses who aren't Scarlett Johanssen, Frank Miller.



Why we want to see him in the movies: The ideal comedic foil for the movie, Starfox is part of a race of genetically-altered humans called The Eternals, and his superpower is to make women fall in love with him. Sure, there's more to it than that (It's all about affecting the chemical balance in the brain, making people happier and more susceptible to suggestion or something), but come on. Who doesn't see Adam Sandler in a bad wig already?



Why we want to see her in the movies: She's a half-cat, half-woman who fights crime wearing a bikini. Put her in the movie and finally we can judge the size of the furry portion of the movie-going public.



Why we want to see him in the movies: The rights issue may be a problem, considering he showed up in X-Men: The Last Stand, but just as Dr. Henry McCoy jumped teams in the comic books to become a star in his own right, so should his celluloid version. It's not like Kelsey Grammer has anything else to do these days, anyway.



Why we want to see her in the movies: Of all of Marvel's characters, Mantis may have the oddest character arc – From Vietnamese prostitute to cosmic goddess "The Celestial Madonna" who ends up marrying an alien possessing and reanimating the corpse of her dead lover. I'd just want to see them try to make that into a movie.


Black Panther

Why we want to see him in the movies: There is absolutely no reason not to have him in the movies. The Panther – who was briefly renamed "Black Leopard" when Marvel became aware of the Black Panther Party – is the scientific equal of Iron Man, the physical equal of Captain America, and man enough for the X-Men's Storm to fall in love with him. Basically, he's Marvel's Batman. Never mind Avengers, he should have his own movie.


So there you have it – Nine potential replacements for whichever big-name actor doesn't sign on for the ensemble Avengers movie when it goes into production next year. Take that as a warning, Ed Norton.