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First off, with a name like A-1 Quality Products, you better have something damn impressive to keep me from boycotting you. Now with that said, A-1 QP has released yet another iPod case with the letter "I" in the name: The iKeychain. Aside from the lame name, this is actually a pretty sleek looking metallic case for the iPod Nano, with a keyring positioned at the bottom. The iKeychain totally protects the iPod by enclosing it inside a 2-piece case and sealing it shut. You can get different colored metal face plates too if you don't mind paying for them. They come in red, blue, gold, and black. Too bad your keys will make mincemeat out of the elegant design that case has.
If you wanna net one, it'll set you back $39.95 to $65.95 depending on which model you choose.

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