A $13 Wearable You'll Actually Want to Wear

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While the most we've seen of Apple's smartwatch is a patent, Xiaomi (a company often referred to as the "Chinese Apple") just announced a new line of $13 (!) wearables. And even better—they actually look like something you'd want to wear.

The Mi Band line may not have a display, but it does pack in a number of health-tracking sensors, a vibrating alarm, and a 30-day battery life. While that may not seem like much compared to some of the other activity trackers hitting the market, all the basics for less than $15 is still a steal.

And while the Mi Band still comes in the requisite neon rubber, Xiamoi is thankfully acknowledging the need for a more elegant design in wearable world. The one's below are fine, but the Mi Band up top is beautiful.


Unfortunately the Mi Band is only available in China. But at the very least, it's something to hope for. [Gizmodo Español, Slashgear]