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A 3D Scan of a Graphic Designer's Ass Could Win the World's Most Infamous Art Prize

Image: Kyle Knodell
Image: Kyle Knodell

Yes, you are looking at an 18-foot sculpture of a man’s ass. In fact, the artwork is one of the finalists of this year’s Turner Prize—though the owner of the depicted rear is a mystery, with the artist admitting only that it’s made from a 3D scan of a well-known graphic designer’s posterior.


The huge piece formed part of an exhibition—called Lichen! Libdo! Chastity!—first shown off in New York last year by the artist Anthea Hamilton. According to Wallpaper, it’s inspired by a 1972 proposal made by Italian designer Gaetano Pesce, who wanted to use a similar form for the front entrance of a building. It never got made, but Hamilton has at least shown us what it could look like.

Speaking to Wallpaper last year, Hamilton would divulge only that the sculpture was based on a 3D scan of a “well-known graphic designer” who is “in his mid-to late-thirties and often works with contemporary artists.”


Artists Michael Dean, Helen Marten, and Josephine Pryde also made the shortlist for the Turner prize. They will all exhibit their works at a Turner prize show running from September to January. The winner will walk away with £25,000.

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