A Bag End Bag for your Unexpected Journeys

This leather bag crafted by Esty user Forgiantica Leather is a delightful recreation of Bag End's front door - complete with Wizard graffiti!

Not only does the bag recreate all the textures of the door in stellar detail - front and back - it' goes the extra mile with the sigil Gandalf carves into Bilbo's door for the Dwarves to recognise when they show up. The marking is actually etched into the texture of the leather itself, and then painted with a UV light paint, creating a glowing effect when you shine a UV light over it!


That's pretty swanky for an already very swanky handbag. And all that swankiness can be yours for about $110, if you want.

The Bag End bag isn't the only nerdy craft that Forgiantica has on sale - they've also fashioned a bunch of accessories based on the heraldry of the Alliance and the Horde from Warcraft, including this satchel that wouldn't look out of place in Orgrimmar:


Lok'tar Ogar indeed!

You can see a few more of their creations over at their Etsy page linked below.

[Forgiantica Leather, via Fashionably Geek]

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