A Beautiful Minimalist High Chair Your Baby Won't Outgrow

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Not only do you have to buy a bunch of new furniture when a baby arrives, you have to keep re-buying it as they get older and larger. Except for the wooden Froc chair that cleverly transforms from a high chair to a regular old seat to accomodate kids of all ages.

Of course, once they head off to high school it might be time to unload the Froc at a garage sale. But by that point the $320 chair will have more than justified its above average price tag. Besides a gorgeous design, it's also easy to assemble, easy to transform, and easy to clean. Even the wooden parts, since not even tough crayon graffiti stands a chance against a sanding block. [Froc via Notcot]

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Denver is too damn high

Front half of the outside ring held in by compression alone? Ever see a baby slam around in a high chair? I give this 4 months before a massive recall.