We already knew that Bandai would be bringing a windswept Jedi Luke to their Star Wars line later this year, but now they've released a batch of new pictures and information about the figure, giving us a better look at its... well, let's just say not great likeness.

I don't know what it is about this figure that puts me off. I can't tell if it's the eyes, which look a little too big for Mark Hamill, or the fact that he looks a little closer to older Mark Hamill rather than the Hamill of Return of the Jedi. But either way, there's something that's just enough off about it that Luke doesn't look quite right. So it's nice the figure comes with the extra 'Windswept' head to recreate Luke battling away atop Jabba's Sail Barge. Although the face is still not great, it looks a little better thanks to the more determined look they've given him. Plus, all that swooshy hair! It's almost like anime Luke.

Bandai have also revealed that, perhaps slightly concerned that you're buying a figure that comes with a Lightsaber and not much else (the alternate heads and a few hands to grip his trusty weapon) that Luke will also come with some bonuses to modify one of their other Star Wars figures: specifically, the figuarts Darth Vader.

Luke comes with his Dad's unmasked shrivelled head — ah, how unintentionally gruesome an action figure can be — so once you're done posing Father and Son duking it out, you can pop off Vader's helmet to reveal the old Anakin Skywalker within.


The Figuarts Return of the Jedi Luke is due for release in August in Japan, for 5,940 yen, or just under $50.


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