Funko unveiled a line of Doctor Who toys for their ever-growing, ever-consuming Pop! Vinyl license at New York Toy Fair, but now we can get a full look at the whole line in this slew of promo pictures. Multiple Doctors, and a TARDIS to put them all in! Cybermen! Cute little Daleks! Oh my.

Unlike the usual sets of waves, it seems like Funko is having an all out splurge for Doctor Who, sending out 8 normal sized Pop toys and 1 plus sized 6" one for the TARDIS. You can see Doctors 4, 10, 11 and 12 above, check out the TARDIS and a few monsters below, including a weirdly perfect-for-pop-vinyls adipose and the squished, adorable mass-murdering-fascist-cyborg bundle of hate that is the Dalek:


How do you make something so excruciatingly villainous look so cute? I'm willing to bet it's the same sort of dark magicks that lets Funko nab pretty much every license on the planet. Are there any left for them to Pop-ify?

The full set of Who vinyls will be available in April for around $10, with the TARDIS coming in $16. So not far away enough to necessitate the need to invent Time Travel just to get your mitts on them, fortunately.


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