A Bionic Hand Is the Ultimate Bluetooth Accessory

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The i-Limb bionic hand has always been a favorite around here, and it keeps getting better. Today, meet i-Limb Pulse: a prosthesis from Touch Bionics with a programmable kung-fu grip, compliments of bluetooth.


The stronger grip isn't just for a firmer handshake; it's crucial for daily activities that require a tight pinch like tying a shoelace or putting on a belt. The i-Limb Pulse is also stronger than previous versions, capable of carrying a load of up to 200 pounds.

The magic behind the i-Limb Pulse is Touch Bionic's new BioSim software, which lets users program their hand via bluetooth:

For prosthetists, BioSim is a complete software toolset that allows clinical practitioners to customise the i-LIMB Pulse to the specific needs of the user. It allows real-time assessment of users' myoelectric impulses with the ability to adjust gain and threshold settings, select different control strategies, and enable or disable features and grips, including the pulsing effect.

Pretty remarkable, and incredibly promising for those who've lost a hand. The i-Limb Pulse will start shipping June 1. [Touch Bionics via SlashGear]


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

The problem with prosthetic hands has always been the fact that its hard to control pressure applied by fingers without tactile feedback. Squeezing something between your thumb and finger obviously requires more pressure than holding an egg. I wonder if this problem has been solved yet?

Also, that video that's linked in the first paragraph is pretty awesome. It looks like in addition to functioning like a human hand, it can rotate 360 degrees.