A blind man tries to guess the color of scented markers

Tommy Edison, our favorite blind-since-birth YouTube-er, is back to give us yet another glimpse into a world where the mere concept of light is unfathomable. And this time, he's doing it while sniffing markers.


But he's not inhaling a bunch of noxious fumes to get loaded, mind you; he's sniffing each scented marker in an attempt to guess its color—a color that, to him, exists as nothing more than a completely arbitrary word for an esoteric idea.

It'd be fun to watch anyone attempt to guess the color of a scented marker, sight unseen. But the really fascinating part here is seeing how much the thought process of someone who's never experienced color differs from our own. Rather than the instinctual associations we've picked up through our own experience, Tommy has had to pick up on these connections second-hand and without any real idea what they mean.

If this sparks your fancy, check out his YouTube channel; it's full of equally interesting glimpses into a very unique perspective. [YouTube via Digg]

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This is so cool to watch. You would think that being blind his other senses are higher, yet has some trouble with the scents.