A Blubbering Mass of Apple Idiots Are Suffocating Grand Central

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I'm not judging these people (I'm totally judging these people), but HOLY CRAP ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS. Grand Central Terminal, as pretty and regal as it may look, is not where you want to be on Friday. Stay away! And yet this.

Something like half of New York City is crowding itself for the opening of the brand spanking new Apple Store (okay, it's more like thousands of people but still) and they're all freaking crazy. Is there a new iPhone coming out that no one knew about? Are you people in it for the free T-shirts? Maybe you were going on your morning commute and the euphoria of Apple fans carried you to the front of this massive blob? Or maybe this is actually an #OccupyGrandCentral movement? I don't know but looking at this picture is going to give me nightmares. [Fortune, Image Credit: PED]