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A Borg Implant Lets This Beanie Play MP3s—Resistance Is Futile

Illustration for article titled A Borg Implant Lets This Beanie Play MP3s—Resistance Is Futile

Even with touchscreen-friendly gloves, operating your smartphone on the snowy slopes is impractical and downright dangerous. You need a hands-free MP3 solution like this teched-up beanie that simply requires you to submit to the Borg collective.


As MP3 players go you're looking at 2GB of storage and 6 hours of battery life—normally not even worth a second glance. But this setup is worth mentioning since the player docks to a knitted beanie which features conduits for routing an attached pair of headphones to your ears. So not only do you not have to worry about dropping your device, there are also no wires awkwardly dangling around your neck.

For $30 I'm sure it will at least last through one winter. And it's a small price to pay for keeping your more elaborate and expensive devices out of harm's way. [Chinavasion via 7Gadgets]

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Neat idea...but 2 gigs is instantly a deal killer for me. make it 16 gigs, then I might consider it.