A Breathtaking Short Film About An Airship Raided By Pirates

As the short film Cloudrise opens, we see two lovers on the verge of tragedy. Their airship is on fire, and they're still high above the clouds. But as we learn what happens before — and after — that moment, their story becomes richer and far more exciting.


Denver Jackson directed and animated Cloudrise, and it's a wonderful surprise. As the story unfolded, I audibly cheered at a certain moment and had my eyes glued to the screen until the very end.

[via Kuriositas]



Hah the clothing made me think of Avatar at first. "Oh no the Earth Kingdom guy and Water Tribe girl are under attack by the Fire Nation!". Interesting airship design. I feel sorry for the city below when its burning hulk comes crashing down!

I liked the use of flashback. And I did think she might be committing suicide so it was nice to see why she was jumping off.