A Camera-Filled Soccer Ball Gives Fans a Dizzying View Of the Game

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As the 2014 FIFA World Cup approaches, its official sponsor Adidas has customized one of its new Brazuca soccer balls, turning it into "the Brazucam," which provides 360-degree views of all the action on field—from the field. It might no longer be considered as suitable for regulation play, but it's as close to participating in the World Cup as most of us will ever get.

Since the footage from the Brazucam while it's being kicked around is a little dizzying, the ball will mostly be used for filming documentaries and interviews leading up to the World Cup. But hopefully like with the Panono camera, Adidas will find a way to generate some awesome 360-degree still panoramas with the ball, for those who aren't able to attend any of the matches. [Twitter via designboom]