A Clampable Lantern That Stays Perched Wherever You Need Light

A headlamp is the ultimate hands-free flashlight when you're going toe-to-toe with mother nature, but you don't necessarily want to wear one 24/7. For those times when you're hanging out at a campsite, or getting ready for bed in your tent, Blackfire's Clamplight Lantern also seems like a great alternative to trying to strategically position and prop up a flashlight.

Powered by just three AAA batteries, the Clamplight Lantern also works like a flashlight, projecting a focused beam instead of an all-around glow. It's also got variable brightness settings for maximizing battery life, and an emergency strobe for when you've gotten yourself in over your head.


But the real star of the show here, and the reason the Clamplight Lantern might actually be worth $45, is the light's handle that doubles as s strong clamp so you can hang, tether, mount, or secure it wherever you need illumination. The actual lantern head pivots so you can direct the glow exactly where you need it, and for added flexibility its grippy pads can also be opened and used as feet so the Clamplight can stand on its own. Because the last thing you want is this hanging from—and collapsing—the roof of your tent. [Blackfire]

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