London's Heathrow Airport is always a stressful place, but travelers today are having a shittier time than usual. London airspace is restricted after a power outage spurred what the BBC describes as a computer error at an air traffic control center, meaning there will be plenty of delays, re-routes, and cancellations. Update: It's fixed now!

The Swanwick air traffic control center reported a technical failure, though the specifics have not been announced.


A Heathrow spokesperson said its airspace will be closed until at least 7 PM, which means planes are stuck on the runway. Gatwick Airport isn't letting planes take off either, though they are arriving as usual.

You can watch the shitstorm of stuck airplanes, likely full of pissed-off people, from FlightRadar24's live feed.

Meanwhile, Manchester Airport is still open, and ready to accept diverted flights. [The Next Web]


Screenshot via Flight Radar 24 via TNW

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