A container ship traveling around the ocean at night is one of the most beautiful things

I literally gasped in disbelief when I first saw this timelapse by Toby Smith of the Gunhilde Maersk at sea. It goes from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam to Ningbo, China and the night scenes are unbelievable. The skies are salted with glittery stars and the lights of the port cities paint the horizon in a sort of ethereal fire and the container ship shines through the sea in an illustrious green and it’s all the most amazing thing to see.

Shooting stars zip through, clouds pass by and when the Sun comes out, my God it’s just all so pretty. And to be honest, the color combination of it all doesn’t even seem like it’s from our planet.


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These leviathans are what make the global economy possible. It’s why your manufacturing job went someplace cheaper. It’s why the unions lost so much power in this country. It’s why the dollars in your wallet care about the price of strategic metals in West Africa. And it’s mostly why the income gap in this country is wider than ever now. It’s why I marched in N30.

And it’s why we have to make sure, more than ever before, that global trade is strong but fair and that it raises the standards of living for all of us equally.