A Cool Darth Vader Re-Design, Complete With... A Mini-Death Star?

Concept Artist Steven Chinhsuan Wang posted this cool redesign of Darth Vader design to Artstation recently, and while it's a nifty design for Star Wars' Sith Lord, the most interesting thing about it is the crazy lightsaber design. You thought The Force Awakens' Crossguard Lightsaber was weird!

First off, here's the full piece of art:


It's rather cool - a very modern aesthetic with all that body armour, and while the mask doesn't quite evoke Vader to me (it reminds me of Destiny's Warlocks more than anything), it's still a neat look for a Sith character. But look at that Lightsaber! It sort of looks like Luke's training remote, with just, you know a freaking lightsaber blade shooting out of it instead of stun blasts. The fact that it floats around too is weird - would this Vader user the force to swing his deathball Lightsaber around? There's even other emitters dotted all over it, presumably for other saber beams to come out of. People were confused about the practicality of Kylo Ren's Lightsaber having little crossguards, this just seems like it's guaranteed to lop your own arm off.

Still, it's concept art! It's meant to look cool, not necessarily practical. Check out more of Wang's artwork at the link below.


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