The stark concrete inside of an out-of-service water tower might not spring to mind as a place to take in beautiful views. But Netherlands architecture firm Zecc created just that, using a naked wood stairway to draw viewers to the 150-foot-high observation deck overlooking De Wieden National Park. Check out photographer Stijn Poelstra's gorgeous images—they might be more beautiful than the park itself.

The raw wood stairway adds warmth to counteract the stark coolness of the concrete walls, zigzagging across the opening of the water tower. The original metal service staircase remains for contrast.

Once you reach the top, large windows provide a 360-degree view of the park. Though a look back at the path you took to get there is just as striking. [Stijn Poelstra via ArchDaily]

All images by Stijn Poelstra. Used with permission.