A Crucial Turning Point For HRG In Heroes Volume 4

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Morning! A producer of Fringe shared some details about what to expect from the rest of the season — and he hinted that the relationship between Walter and Peter may not be what you think. Meanwhile, Heroes actor Jack Coleman let out some major spoilers for a pivotal HRG episode in next spring's "Fugitives" storyline. Also, we discovered just how the Magneto movie may contradict some of the classic X-Men comics. There are also some spoilers for Life On Mars, Knight Rider, Pushing Daisies, Smallville and Lost. Brace yourself for maximum spoilage! Magneto: We said the new Magneto synopsis was much the same as the earlier leaked script, but now it turns out we were wrong. According to the Coventry Telegraph, the leaked script had Charles Xavier working at an Israeli hospital for World War II survivors, where he meets Magneto. But the new synopsis has Xavier seving as a soldier, who helps to liberate the concentration camp where Magneto is held. The hospital thing is closer to what some of the X-comics have shown in flashbacks. [Coventry Telegraph] Fringe: There won't be any aliens in the series, and the mysterious Observer isn't an alien, says producer Jeff Pinkner. And there may be more than one Observer, which explains why he can be in so many places. Also, his interest in Fringe stuff predates Olivia's. Meanwhile, John Scott is still in Olivia's head because she "downloaded" his brain when she contacted him in the pilot. And it doesn't sound as though the show is going to explore whether Astrid has a personal interest in Walter's work any time soon. Peter's unethical past will definitely catch up with him. And we will probably meet William Bell by the end of the season — but we haven't met William Bell yet. Also, Peter may or may not be Walter's "son," but he is definitely Walter's "offspring." (??) We may already have met Peter's mom, and we'll definitely meet her at some point. Walter is manic-depressive, and we've only seen his manic side so far — we haven't seen any of his "dark" side yet. And you shouldn't believe anything Walter says. Walter may have a love interest at some point. We will probably meet Olivia's stepdad at some point. [TV Guide and TV Guide] Something big happens in an upcoming episode that alters Broyles' working relationship with Walter, says Lance Reddick. [FringeFanatic] In episode 11, we'll meet a new recurring chararacter, an intimidating senior FBI agent named Sanford Harris. [SpoilerTV] Heroes: The show's producers answered more fan questions, and included some spoilers. We'll find out in two weeks what Arthur has on Daphne, and we'll see the Master train Claire. And in episode 12, Sylar will gain a new power, which helps him learn whether Angela really tried to drown Baby Gabriel. Next spring's "Fugitives" chapter will reveal more about Sylar's past, and his struggles. Meanwhile, Sylar won't sacrifice himself to stop Arthur. We'll find out what happened to Molly in the Season three DVD deleted scenes. And the Haitian will be the key to stopping Arthur — which makes sense, since he already stopped Arthur once. [Heroes Spoilers] The "Fugitives" arc is roaring ahead — the show is already casting episode 18 of the season. And it sounds like we're going to meet a family of dark haired, brown-eyed caucasian people: a sinister father in his 30s or 40s, a mother in her late 20s or 30s trying to protect her son, and a boy aged three or four. A Petrelli flashback to when Nathan was little? Or some new characters? We'll also meet a computer worker in his 30s, who's responsible for monitoring classified information. And a male FBI agent who's taking part in a classified military operation. And finally a reporter who's reporting on a huge story from the field. [SpoilerTV] And Jack Coleman says episode 17, "Cold Wars," will be a huge turning point for HRG, along the lines of "Company Man" or "Cautionary Tales." There's a kidnapping and "mental interrogation," and it's a psychological thriller. "If you miss it, you will be hunted down and... rehabilitated," Coleman says. [TWOP] Lost: Entertainment Weekly's Jeff Jensen has a theory about those casting calls we reported the other day, for two guys who work in "corporate security," plus a hippie-ish doctor out of his league. It's a flashback to the "Purge." Jerry and Phil, the security guys, are Dharma footsoldiers, charged with protecting the weird science and stuff from "the hostiles/the Others." And it's possible the hippie-ish doctor is out of his depth because he's racing to save his cohorts from the poison gas. [EW] Smallville: Some spoilers for episode 14 of this season, "Requiem." As we mentioned a while back, LuthorCorp is doing some experiments on Lana. And it turns out the experiments are the only things keeping her alive. Dr. Grohl, the scientist who's turned up in a few episodes so far, is involved in the experiments, and they may be tied to Project: Ares. The only series regulars in the episode will be Clark, Chloe, and Tess. It's Lana's last episode of the series. And it'll feature Superman villain Winslow Schott, also known as the Toyman.[KryptonSite] Pushing Daisies: If the show does end with the 13th episode of the current season, it'll be a satisfying conclusion — if you felt that the Sopranos had a satisfying ending, that is. [EW] Life On Mars: Here's a new promo for Thursday's episode. Still no glimpse of the KKK.

Knight Rider: I know your day isn't complete without a reminder of how AWESOME this show is. In episode 16, "Fly By Knight," Mike and KITT are looking for 10-year-old Danny Clark, a math whiz who's the only witness to his father's murder at the hands of Peruvian druglord Esteban Bahia. Danny's also the only one who knows where Bahia's cocaine stash is hidden. Sexy FBI agent Jesse Running is supposed to protect Danny, and when he goes missing, she mistakenly arrests Mike. But Office Of National Intelligence director Darrel Armstrong cuts Mike a deal — he'll be spared prosecution if he brings in Bahia and rescues Danny, whom Bahia has kidnapped. Meanwhile, Danny's mom Amy fears she'll be next on Bahia's list. [SpoilerTV]



Every Knight Rider spoiler is a stab in the heart, as it makes me think about the Middleman being cancelled.

Burn in hell, TV Gods.