A dystopian series about videogames that cause real-world violence

From the creators of dystopian satire Ghosts with Shit Jobs comes this concept trailer for a new web series called Haphead, about a world where gamers can translate their in-game skills to the real world ... with asskicking results.


Haphead refers to the haptic feedback technology that's become popular ten years in the future. It forms an electrical connection with your brain, sort of like a super EEG rig crossed with Occulus Rift, and allows you experience videogames on a physical level. As a result, the fighting skills you learn in-game translate into muscle memories. Hapheads have become addicted to gaining these skills.

In this trailer, we meet Elysia, a young haphead fueling her videogame obsession by working at a FOXCONN-like company and stealing the latest technology that's rolling off the assembly line. But when her father is killed in the line of duty by hapheads, her gaming gets serious.

I love the brief bit of footage we see of Elysia's in-game avatar, a bunny ninja whose moves she's absorbed by the time she's fighting bad guys in the real world. And the idea of a corporation that's totally unregulated, making videogame controllers that transform our brains, is actually pretty realistic.

This trailer is a concept for a web series that Munroe and his colleagues are hoping will be funded through the Canadian Independent Production Fund. Find out more on the Haphead website.



In my experience TV-shows and video games never quite work well together. Not to mention all the outrage when there's a show in which gamers really learn to become killers from games.

Well, at least it can't be worse than video game episodes in police procedurals...