A Fascinating Timepiece, Engineered to Look Like Deep Space Nine

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It's a breathtaking, intricate clock. And it's a sculpture of Star Trek's most famous space station. Called the "Starfleet Machine," this gorgeous item was created by famous Swiss watch designer L'Epée, with microengineering from the lab MB&F.


According to Cool Hunting:

Starfleet Machine features many of the same mechanisms as a wristwatch, only larger in scale. The prominently featured in-house movement carries a 40 day power reserve, as well as a series of five mainspring barrels. The clock showcases hours and minutes, double retrograde seconds and a power reserve indicator, but only in a way these two creative forces can execute. "About two years ago I went to L'Epée with a gouache image," explains MB&F founder Maximilian Büsser, who designed the Starfleet Machine with ECAL design graduate Xin Wang. "We basically cut out one of their movements that we found and created a design based on Deep Space Nine around it," he says. The initial reaction from the craftsmen at L'Epée was of awe and they quickly jumped on the project.

From there, the process of making every detail contribute to functionality began. For example: "We've indexed this little radar system on the power reserve system, which turns in 40 days. The enormous balance wheel escape system is indexed on the system seconds. The two cannons that are protecting the heart of the spaceship are actually a double retrograde seconds indicator."


[via Cool Hunting]