A Fistful of Nuts Won't Cure Your Colon Cancer

Nutrition science rarely involves feeding people anything. It’s usually based on looking for correlations between questionnaire answers and people’s health. But somehow, it seems near impossible for folks to accurately report on what these (usually very easy to understand) scientific studies say without taking things that might be little more than coincidences as gospel.


Gizmodo’s response to this? Shit Advice of the Week, a new video series in which we’re going to find the most poorly-reported nutrition advice on the morning news or your Facebook feed and tell you what the science actually says. I’m going to roll around on a big chair and be angry on camera, you’re going to get mad, and we’re all going to try to make everyone do better.

So, here’s the shit advice of the week: Nuts will not cure colon cancer.

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David E. Davis

A Fistful of Nuts Won’t Cure Your Colon Cancer

Granted, but they can help me find testicular cancer.