April 26, 2001: It’s casual Friday on the International Space Station, and none of us are invited.

It’s a bit unnerving that the entire crew of both Expedition Two and STS-100 managed to pack a Hawaiian shirt into orbit, but it makes for a surreally awesome photo in the Raffaello Multi-Purpose Logistics Module.


Starting at the 12 o’clock position and working clockwise, the astronauts are Kent V. Rominger, Yuri V. Lonchakov, Yury V. Usachev, Umberto Guidoni, James S. Voss, Jeffrey S. Ashby, Scott E. Parazynski, John L. Phillips and Chris A. Hadfield. Astronaut Susan J. Helms is tucked into the center back as the clock’s linchpin. Roscosmos cosmonaut Usachev and NASA’s Helms and Voss make up the crew of Expedition Two. The remainder are part of the STS-100 crew for the Space Shuttle Endeavour: Lonchakov with Roscosmos, Guidoni with the European Space agency, Hadfield from the Canadian Space Agency, and the rest with NASA.

Image credit: NASA