A Full-Size Folding Bike That's a Joy to Transport

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Most folding bikes make a big compromise: they're either incredibly portable with tiny wheels, or offer normal proportions but prove a pain in the ass to transport. Mikuláš Novotný's solution, however, seems to offer the best of both worlds.


His folding bike features standard 26-inch mountain bike wheels. If you're wondering why that's important, bigger wheels make for a far smoother ride: they roll through bumps and potholes more easily and make the whole experience of cycling more comfortable.

But usually big wheels make for practically immovable folding bikes. What's different about this design is a series of quick-release levers that allow the bike to pivot in such a way that both wheels line up when it's folded. That means that it's easy to drag the bike around, a bit like a suitcase with its wheels aiding transportation.

Currently the bike's still a concept—but I can't wait for it to become a reality. [Mikuláš Novotný via DeZeen]

Images by Matej Cincera



MTB scale is too big. I love my Puma Disko because it's BMX cruiser sized. (24" wheels). But, it's heavy and the fold is kinda akward. If they simply scaled this design to a super light 24" size, I'd be sold.