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Thinking of buying a pretty new iMac with Retina display? That'll cost you. Thinking of buying the most tricked out, pumped up new iMac with Retina display that you possibly can. That'll really cost you—$4,400 to be exact.


That's a lot of money, but it's really not that bad. It's definitely not as bad as a fully loaded Mac Pro which will set you back $14,000. However, it is enough money to buy yourself a decent used car. And if you're feeling really ambitious you can jack up the price of your iMac with Retina even more with all of the available Apple software pre-loaded as well as a year of Apple Care and One to One hand-holding service. That package will cost you almost $5,500.

All that said, the $2,500 starting price for the iMac with Retina is not that bad. It's definitely not as bad as people feared it would be. Think of it another way, that price adds up to, like, less than a penny per pixel.


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